About the Regatta's

Strangford Lough Regattas are run by the Yacht and Sailing Clubs situated around Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.

It is the function of the Strangford Lough Regatta Conference, on which all the Yacht and Sailing Clubs of the Lough are represented, to co-ordinate, compile and publish a calendar of regattas and other events on Strangford Lough. The PY handicaps for yachts racing in Regattas and other Events are adjusted and managed by the Strangford Lough Handicap Committee SLHC, which is the subcommittee of the SLRC. Handicaps are published on this web site which is regularly updated. We must emphasise that the Strangford Lough Conference has no responsibility whatsoever for the running of the regattas and other events, and that each yacht and sailing club has the sole responsibility for the running of its own regattas and events.
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